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Signs of improvement in November

December 05, 2019

Walmart releases its November sales report and surprises with a nominal annual increase of 6.9% for the same stores, its biggest advance in fourteen months. Discounting for inflation, real sales would be close to 4%.

The 2.5% increase in transactions stands out. WalMart's anticipation of the Good End and consumer fundamentals such as wage increases and remittances support these advances.

Also data on passenger traffic in airport groups show good results. OMA reports an increase of 6.4%, GAP 10.1%, while ASUR reports increases of only 3.9%.

As we described in the previous article , what sectors have resisted in 2019? , the air transport industry and retail sales are among the few activities that achieve growth this year.

Although there is a lack of data to be known, it is good news that they show progress in areas related to private consumption, which in total represents 2/3 of GDP.

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