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Manufacturing Mexico, Synchronized Improvement

February 06, 2020

Manufacturing surveys for both the United States and Mexico show a moderate improvement in January.

The index prepared by the Institute of Supply Management for the United States managed to rebound to the expansion zone (50.9), while the IMEF indicator adjusted for company size rose from 46.7 to 49.4, slightly below the neutral zone (50).

The production item in the US survey shows a solid advance from 44.8 to 54.3, while the imports section bounces from 48.8 to 51.3.

The improvement is framed in a geo-political context of lower risk after the Phase 1 agreement between the US and China and the signing of the TMEC.

As a risk factor appears the coronavirus and the measures that China is taking to control it, which could impact its demand for imports and thus affect international trade.

We must remember that Mexico has a high concentration (82%) of its exports in the US market, which in principle should limit the impact of eventual effects of the coronavirus on global demand and international trade.

It is premature to advance forecasts about the evolution of the epidemic. They reached 562 the death toll in mainland China with 2,987 new cases on Wednesday in Hubei. CNNEspañ

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