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Disruptive Scenario

October 02, 2019

By: Jorge Gracia

The paradigms on which the globalization of the economy operated in the last 30 years have been profoundly modified.

The following changes that are shaping the scenario of the next decade stand out:

Fall of the labor force in major economies such as China, Europe and Japan. The implications for the demand and trade of goods are enormous.


Global indebtedness. The world economy is a debt bubble. The consumer no longer has the ability to pull demand as in past decades. Things are getting complicated because companies in China and the US have also been accumulating debt at an accelerated pace.

Regionalization. Commercial frictions and automation are encouraging the approach of production to the centers of consumption. Mexico is a clear example.

This new environment of the global economy has critical implications for business.


Analyzing and recognizing the change of paradigms, threats and opportunities that arise from a disruptive scenario, incorporating changes in business strategies, in the allocation of resources and in budgets is the task of top management of companies.


It is important to have analysis tools - strategic and financial - that help planning and decision-making in companies.

InterCapa / EconoFinanzas cordially invites you to the exclusive seminar

Planning and Budgets in a Disruptive Scenario that will take place in CDMX on November 7 and 8 and in Monterrey on November 13 and 14, 2019.


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It will be a unique experience to shape your company towards success with lower levels of risk.

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