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Bottleneck: Qualified Personnel

September 18, 2019

Despite the economic slowdown, companies in both Mexico and the United States are struggling to find qualified personnel.


In the United States, according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), 27 percent of the companies surveyed say that their main problem is finding qualified personnel.

In Mexico, companies want to increase their workforce this 2019 according to PwC. However, 67% of companies assure that the shortage of qualified workers is one of the reasons that complicate the hiring of personnel. 58% of the CEOs of companies say they do not receive adequate information to make decisions due to the lack of qualified personnel, according to the Global CEO Survey Mexico 2019 PwC.

According to the study, the reasons that explain the difficulty in hiring personnel in Mexico.

• Shortage of skilled workers (60%)
• The skills required in the industry have changed (14%)
• Industry growth rate (14%)
• Expectations of compensation (10%)
• Candidates' view of the industry has changed (2%)


According to the same survey, the main consequences of not finding suitable qualified personnel are that companies cannot innovate effectively, labor costs rise more than expected, quality standards and customer experience are affected and they are not prepared to pursue market opportunities.


Matching the knowledge acquired in the study plans with the specific needs of companies will be a challenge in a global economy that moves towards knowledge and automation.


Employers will have to bet on training and coaching, while universities will have to continually review knowledge and experiences that are relevant to students in the world of work.


Professionals and technicians will have to keep up to date to avoid becoming obsolete, in a job market that increasingly appreciates skills and specific knowledge regarding degrees.

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