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Fed, Messages Found

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday its monetary policy decision, where it kept the interest rate unchanged in the 0.00-0.25% range.

What is relevant is that it presents its projections for 2020-22. He expects a drop in economic activity of 6.5% for this year and a rebound of 5.0% for 2021. Regarding the interest rate, he does not expect a movement until at least 2022. Inflation will not be a problem either and they expect 0.8% for this year and 1.6% for the next.

Likewise, it maintains its bond purchase rate unchanged to allow the market to function properly.

In principle, global liquidity and the promise of low rates for a long time are good for assets, including currencies.

The negative is that Powell in a press conference points out that the recovery of the activity will not come until the work and social activities that were carried out before the pandemic are resumed, risks of a second wave of the virus and high unemployment that affected the classes lower. These risks may cast doubt on the projected recovery in economic activity and especially the effectiveness of the Federal Reserve's policies.

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